QDTP – Year 7 Mainstream

This video shows a Year 7 mainstream student who would be placed in the Quality Differentiated Teaching Practice category for the purposes of the national data collection. The student is working within a mainstream health class. The teacher speaks about her justification and reasoning for placing the student in the QDTP category.

Australind Senior High School is located in WA's South West Education Region. The school is an Independent Public School and a Registered Training Organisation. The student population is around 1300 students from years 7-12. Students are offered several approved specialist programs including Aviation, Japanese and the innovative Mathematics and Philosophy course.

This student has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and is in a mainstream high school setting. She is able to work independently in both core and elective subjects following classroom routines and structures. This student requires monitoring to support her social and emotional needs. At point of need she requires simple strategies to self-manage her mental health. Under the teacher instruction the education assistant does regular check-ins to support her.